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Thank you for replying so quickly. I have enclosed a photograph of the replica watches you delivered, clearly showing that they are not the anniversary edition. Also the replica watches lose their charge after only six hours of not wearing it, which leads me to believe that the replica watches are not the swiss movement. Under these circumstances I think it would be best to return the the replica watches to you for a full refund including my postage. Have not heard anything from you regarding this replica watches uk. I'm getting concerned now and not sure how to move forward. I think the best thing to do is to send the replica watches uk back to you for a full refund including my postage costs. Please reply to me with your intentions as it is very frustrating to me not to hear anything. I have spoken to my credit card company and they have said they would issue a refund to me under these circumstances. However, hopefully it will not come to this.

Received the replica watches uk yesterday, very unhappy because it is not the anniversary edition with the light green bezel. The replica watches uk that you sent is the darker green bezel. In my first email I asked for the best replica watches uk you had and you said the Swiss 50th anniversary, this is clearly not what you have sent. I am not sure how to proceed as the replica watches uk is incorrect. I paid straight away through the payment method on the website which went into my bank security. Find below the capture that showed on your website after I paid. It has even taken the money out of my bank account. Keep me updated please as I do not want to lose this money. I hope you are well, I received my replica watches yesterday so thank you for that! I wore it all day yesterday but today I am devastated to find that the replica watches uk second hand has stopped working. I took it to get a battery replaced however this did not fix the problem and seems to be a problem internally. I have no idea were to go from here.

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